About us

The first article on the website of “Technomode” popular science journal was published relatively recently — in the spring of 2017. But already now our edition takes the leading positions among the resources telling about electronics and household appliances. The main competitive advantage of our journal is the high quality of published materials. Leading companies and brands that supply products to the global markets choose cooperation with us.

Testing gadgets

The main principle of the journal — we write only about those gadgets, which could recommend to our friends. Since the end of 2018, we have drawn the daily publication of reviews and made a choice in favour of quality. Every article is the result of a long experience of operation and personal acquaintance with the subject of testing.

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The world’s famous brands and thousands of readers trust us, which is the best reward for daily work. It’s confirmed by the cooperation with the “Yandex.Market” service, where references to all our reviews and tests are placed. In the articles published on the ‘Technomode’ website, you won’t see photos from press releases and information from third-party sources — only exclusive content.

Научно-популярный журнал «Техномод» © Техномод

We regularly update our technical park and try to keep up with the times. Pay a special attention to the quality of photo and video materials. Each review is a small story that goes beyond our editorial office for sure. We try to write about gadgets in ordinary and accessible language, as if we communicate with friends.

Shooting industrial reports

People have always been interested to see how the items that surround them in their daily lives are produced, so we love to visit different factories and plants to prepare a report for our journal’s readers.

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We’ll arrive to you on the production with great pleasure and prepare the interesting report which will illustrate dramatically how your production is manufactured. As a rule, such articles help to increase confidence and enhance significantly the credibility of the brand. There are no borders for us, we visit factories all over the world.

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Visiting the world’s largest exhibitions

It’s always important to be in the center of events and get access to information before others. Only at the world’s largest exhibitions you can see new products and understand in what direction the market will develop in the near future.

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We try to travel, visit exhibitions and get acquainted with new technologies all over the world. Such events as: IAS (Moscow, Russia), Interauto (Moscow, Russia), IFA (Berlin, Germany), CIFTE (Suzhou, China), MWC (Barcelona, Spain) and Canton Fair (Guangzhou, China) are among our list.

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Writing interesting articles

Do you know how is missile launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome carried out? Maybe you heard something about an abandoned military base where nuclear submarines were repaired? Haven’t you dreamed of visiting the ghost-town of Pripyat? Open boldly a series of articles on our website, there you are sure to find a lot of interesting things.

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It would be unfair to visit some interesting place and not to tell other people about it. That’s why we continue to travel around the world and look for new topics for our materials. Who knows where will the crew of the “Technomode” journal be next time. Maybe it’ll be the streets of a modern metropolis or a place of a large technogenic catastrophe.

Научно-популярный журнал «Техномод» © Техномод

Publishing in several languages

The first article in English — report from the Canton Fair exhibition in China was published in the ‘Technomode’ journal in autumn of 2018. At the end of the same year, the support for multiple languages appeared on the site. At the moment we are published in several languages at once, which makes our edition unique and the first of its kind. Want to share your products and services with the whole world? Добро пожаловать! 歡迎!

Feedback from our friends and partners

“Technomode” popular science journal cooperate with our edition since the beginning of 2018. During this time we have released more than 60 joint materials. We value our partnership and treat the ‘Technomode’ as a source of quality and actual content”, — Julia Medvedeva, chief editor of “Yandex.Market”.

“We watch with interest the development of the “Technomode” popular science journal and can say with confidence that at present time it’s one of the few resources that really professionally and impartially tell about novelties and tendencies in the world of electronics and household appliances. That’s why, when the crew call on us for making available to provide models for testing, we’re happy to give our devices. We know that their work helps consumers to orientate better at the market and make the right choice in conditions of the large assortment” — Maria Gorbunova, public relations specialist of Neoline company.