On the production of “Belaya Dacha” salads in Russia

It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t faced with production of “Belaya Dacha” company once in a lifetime. Tell you a secret that ‘McDonald’s in Russia put in their burgers salad of right this brand. We visited moscow production of the company to see how tasty and fresh salads are born.

Learn how to do without import

“Belaya Dacha” doesn’t only wash, dry and pack salad leaves, but also grow iceberg lettuce in their own fields in Yaroslavl region by their own forces, and Baby leaves in new, unique greenhouse complex ‘Dolina Solntsa’ in Kislovodsk all year around.
Just imagine how many raw materials are needed, when one line is able to process more than a ton of products during an hour. Herewith, production rests once a year – the first of January.

Food safety

Temperature in all zones is maintained at 3-4 degrees, so vital activity of products is paused. In all facilities there is sterile cleanliness like in an operating room. It’s allowed to come into the workshop only wearing protective overall after several stages of processing. Everything is watched by electronics, in caseof any pollution a turnstile in the workshop willnot be opened.

Automatization of production

Almost all operations in workshops are executed by modern highly technological machines. The only thing which is made manually is the removal of top leaves and stumps. Then the raw material on the conveyor is sent to the slicing machine. Knives of a certain type are installed depending on the processed product.

The most expensive in the production is water

Then vegetables are sent to be washed in special machines. Water preparation is the most costly process in the whole production. Several stages of purification are provided, including reverse osmosis. When moving on production lines salad is washed in special tubs and passed through shower for several times.It guarantees maximal cleanliness of the product.

Drying in centrifuges

The apparatus for drying iceberg lettuces resembles a washing machine by its principle. Huge centrifuge drums spin at a certain speed and dry out the product. However, this method is not suitable for all “greens”: for examole, rukkola and other mild leaves are blown by air. Tomatos don’t require this method at all.

На производстве салатов «Белая Дача» © Техномод

Dispassionate electronic sorter

Washed and dried vegetables are viewed by smart machine – optical sorter. Several photographic lens and laser unit are involved in operation of the machine. In case of detection of any defect a pneumatic valve is actuated and stream of air throw away ‘substandart’ on the conveyor belt nearby. If a man can make a mistake and overlook any defect, optical sorter is completely impartial.

Weight station and packaging

Operator sets needed weight and finished product composition, then dosing machine dispenses raws. If it’s needed to get mix salad, mixing equipment is used. 9 packers work on the production in total, who place goods in beautiful packages.

There is showcase-refrigerator with samples for checking the quality.

Every salad packing certainly passes through metal detector frame.  As you see, on the “Belaya Dacha” production chemicals for conservation are not used. Preservation of products are reached by low temperatures and sterile mode.

На производстве салатов «Белая Дача» © Техномод

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